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On the run in 2015

Minor victories were achieved Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully, they’re the forbearer of a few major accomplishments.

The story behind those victories started in August, during a few hazy, late-summer runs on the streets and trails of Greensburg. During the significant climb toward my house, fittingly located on a street named for its altitude, a cramping sensation pulsated through my left calf muscle.

Cramps? Are you kidding me? I eat bananas daily. Water is often the only fluid to enter my system, with the exception of morning coffee. It couldn’t possibly be cramps.

The pain wasn’t overwhelming, so the run was completed. Same thing happened the next day, including a completed run. And the next day, and the …

The cycle continued for some time. After a couple of weeks, completing runs was no longer an option. And the number of runs decreased dramatically. Eventually, in October, out of frustration, I grew determined to get my running form back. Baby steps were going to be taken, beginning with a moderate run on a treadmill at LA Fitness.

Success. 30 minutes, almost four miles, albeit far from my normal pace.

The following day, back to the treadmill I went. The plan was to run for 35 minutes at the same pace. Less than six minutes into the run …


And then … pop!

It was time to stop running, and time to address the problems in my left calf. After some research, this homegrown doctor determined my calf either endured a severe strain or a possible tear.

The remedy?

R – rest

I – ice

C- compression

E – elevation

RICE went into full-blown motion for a couple weeks with some improvement. But there was no running, not even jogging, or spin classes or racquetball for that matter.

Eventually, my bullheadedness relented and I consulted a chiropractor recommended by my spin instructor, and one of my favorite people at the gym. There’s been six painful sessions, including two so intense sweat poured from my forehead.

So, back to the treadmill I went Monday for a 30-minute run at a pace that would probably be considered more of a jog. Success!

On Tuesday, a 32-minute run at a slightly faster pace. Success!

Trips to the chiropractor will continue with slightly less frequency. So will an occasional trip to a massage therapist and, hopefully, frequent trips to the gym for yoga classes. Yoga will be a new experience, and one of several New Year’s resolutions in place for 2015. Count the chiropractor and massage therapist among those resolutions, too. It’s all part of the plan to return to races by the summer.

As for other resolutions, well, I’m sticking with the ones from my 40th birthday – finding more time for family and friends and training my keester off in order to cross the finish line at a marathon.

How about you? What are you resolving to do?